The World Plumbing Conference 2023 was held in Shanghai, China on 17-20 October 2023 in conjunction with Shanghai International Exchange Seminar on Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Technology. This is an international water conference organized by the World Plumbing Council to create and promote a global network of plumbing industries worldwide through seminars and exhibitions. They have built an efficient business platform for the development and technical exchange of the global water industry.

With the theme of “Greener, Smarter, Safer”, the conference launched multi-angle and all-round in-depth exchange in light of the new trend and characteristics of the global water supply and drainage industry post-epidemic era. The conference is committed to creating a high-end platform for one-stop environmental technology exchanges in politics, industry, academia and research.

SPS President Mr Dickrose Masalamani was given the honour to be at the forefront of promoting excellence and innovation in plumbing practices in Singapore. Today, we are excited to share with the world on Singapore’s most remarkable advancements in water sustainability – the revolutionary NEWater processes. Singapore’s commitment to water conservation and recycling is exemplified by NEWater, a pioneering technology that transforms treated wastewater into ultra-pure water. We believe that this exceptional initiative serves as an inspiration for plumbing professionals worldwide, as it underlines the critical role of plumbing in preserving our planet’s most vital resource – water.”

Visiting Factories: A Unique Learning Opportunity

SPS members attended this event to network and learn new plumbing trends. One of the most memorable aspects of the World Plumbing Conference 2023 was the opportunity for attendees to visit local factories in Shanghai, where SPS had the chance to witness the practical side of the plumbing industry. These factory visits offered a hands-on experience that complemented the knowledge the members gained from the conference sessions.

What We Learned:

During these factory tours, SPS members were exposed to a wealth of knowledge and insights that added a new dimension to our understanding of the plumbing industry. Here are some of the key takeaways:

1. Production Processes: Walking through the manufacturing floors, we observed the intricate production processes of plumbing components and fixtures. This firsthand experience helped us appreciate the precision and quality control that go into every product.

2. Innovative Technologies: The factories showcased cutting-edge technologies used in the production of plumbing equipment. We learned about the latest advancements in materials, machinery, and automation that are revolutionizing the industry.

3. Quality Assurance: Understanding the rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures reassured us of the safety and reliability of plumbing products. It was evident that these manufacturers were committed to delivering high-quality solutions to the market.

4. Environmental Sustainability: The factory visits also shed light on the industry’s efforts to be more environmentally responsible. We learned about eco-friendly production methods and sustainable materials, aligning with the conference’s theme of “Greener, Smarter, Safer.”

Networking and Knowledge Exchange:

Beyond the technical insights gained, the factory visits provided excellent opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. Engaging in discussions with fellow attendees and factory representatives allowed us to exchange ideas and best practices.

These factory visits truly enhanced our overall conference experience, offering a well-rounded education that bridged the gap between theory and practice. It was a valuable addition to the conference agenda and left us with a deeper appreciation for the plumbing industry.

Looking to the Future:

As we reflect on our time spent visiting these factories, we are excited about the future of plumbing. The practical knowledge gained will undoubtedly impact our work and inspire us to contribute to the industry’s growth and innovation.