Replacing Squatting Water Closet to Sitting Water Closet

All renovations in HDB flat needs to be carried out by a contractor listed on the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC). The listed contractor is to ensure that they comply with HDB’s guidelines as well as other authorities’ regulations such as engaging a licensed plumber to install, fix, replace the toilet pan, sealing of discharge pipes.

In general, the replacement of the squat pan to pedestal pan does not require a permit. However, the listed contractor need to comply with the conditions for the replacement works (conditions can be found on our HDB InfoWEB).

If the surrounding wall or floor tiles or kerb (if any) is to be removed, the listed contractor will have to apply for a permit from HDB before carrying out the works and comply with the conditions provided [e.g. the existing floor slab shall not be hacked or cored when carrying out the proposed works and the use of pre-packed waterproofing screed and waterproofing membrane (upturned of minimum 150mm against the wall and kerbs) before laying new floor finishes].

HDB do not prescribe whether all the floor tiles of the entire toilet have to be replaced when flat owners convert their squatting pan to pedestal pan. For more specific enquiries, it would be good for the flat owner or their renovation contractors to get in touch with HDB.

HDB Sanitary Pipe Responsibility

Under the lease, flat owners are responsible to maintain the fittings / fixtures including sanitary branch pipes found inside the unit. As such, if the upper floor unit sanitary branch pipe is damaged, it is for the upper floor owner to maintain the same. If the lower floor unit sanitary branch pipe is damaged, it is for the lower floor owner to maintain.

For feedback related to leaking or damaged branch sanitary pipes, HDB, upon receipt of the feedback may conduct a goodwill inspection to verify the feedback. The intent of the goodwill inspection is to establish the location of the leak / damage and the remedial action needed.