The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is a professional organization in India that represents and promotes the interests of the plumbing industry. It serves as a platform for individuals and businesses involved in various aspects of plumbing, including plumbing contractors, engineers, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, and other professionals related to the plumbing and sanitation sector.

33 IPA delegates came to Singapore on 10-12 Oct 2023 to explore Singapore’s Water Initiatives to understand more on how we have created a dynamic and sustainable water ecosystem and SPS hosted them with a gala dinner.

First, SPS invited them to PUB NEWater Visitor Centre. The NEWater Visitor Centre (NVC) is an education hub that promotes water sustainability in Singapore and shares how NEWater is produced. The Centre offers a fun-filled and enriching time for visitors of all ages with interactive tours and educational workshops.

Next, SPS brought them to the Sustainable Gallary Tour at the Marina Barrage to understand how we create a livable and sustainable Singapore. Sustainability has always been integral to Singapore’s development since independence and we are committed to ensure that every Singaporean continues to enjoy a clean and green environment.

The next day, IPA delegates had a dialogue session with PUB which allowed for an open exchange of ideas and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing both associations.

Finally, SPS hosted the IPA delegates with a gala dinner at Singapore Khalsa Association with the honour of having MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Director of NTUC U SME and U Women and Family Ms Yeo Wan Ling as the Guest of Honour. Her presence adds to the significance of this event, further underlining the importance of global partnerships in the plumbing sector.

In conclusion, the visit of the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) delegates to Singapore, along with the hospitality of the Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS), exemplifies the power of international collaboration in the plumbing industry. This unique exchange of knowledge and experiences not only serves to strengthen professional bonds but also enriches the industry with new perspectives and innovative ideas.

IPA and SPS have showcased that by working together, plumbing associations can strengthen their respective industries and contribute to the broader goals of water conservation, sustainability, and best practices in plumbing. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of this collaboration and the future endeavors that will undoubtedly emerge from this shared experience.

In the spirit of partnership and progress, the Indian Plumbing Association and the Singapore Plumbing Society are shining examples of how, when two organizations come together, they have the potential to create ripples of positive change that extend far beyond the boundaries of their home countries. We applaud their efforts and look forward to witnessing the continued success of their shared journey.