SPS will be a supporting organization to “SINGAPORE WORLD WATER DAY 2019”

  1. Every year, in the month of March, Singaporeans from all walks of life come together to celebrate Singapore World Water Day, an occasion dedicated to celebrate water, appreciate water and raise awareness on water conservation. The Singapore edition is inspired by World Water Day, an international movement observed by the United Nations since 1993, to celebrate the importance of water sustainability every 22 March.
  2. Singapore holds the record for one of the largest-scale World Water Day celebrations around the world running for the entire month. This year, familiar brands like Apple, McDonald’s and Ben & Jerry’s collaborated with PUB through various ways to raise awareness and appreciation of water. More than 100,000 people also pledged to do their part for the water cause by saving water everyday through simple tips.
  3. For SWWD 2019, PUB could work with SPS as well as involve your organisation and members in other SWWD initiatives in March. For examples, SPS could print illustrated save water booklets and get plumbers to share them with their customers when they are on the job. You could also support us by getting your employees to volunteer with us. Your logo, event photos and mentions of your brand will also be made across various platforms, including PUB’s official website, social media pages, media releases and briefings. We expect that the brand mileage from our partnership would be high.
  4. We believe SPS as a socially responsible corporation that embraces the sustainability spirit, will bring great inspiration to Singaporeans should you join us on this water journey.