The Singapore Plumbing Society was founded in 1956 by pioneering plumbers who saw the need to represent interests of plumbing in Singapore. Known initially as the Singapore Sanitary Contractors, it was changed in 1971 to the Singapore Institute of Plumbing and then to the Singapore Sanitary and Plumbing Association before being changed again to its present name after several years.

Today, the Society has developed into an institution ready to assist plumbers to meet the new challenges in today’s changing economic landscape and to exploit the opportunities arising from the linkage created by the move towards a global economy. In 2000, the relocation of SPS’ new office paved the way for it to better represent the plumbing industry and to address its concerns and problems arising and to communicate with government, commercial and relevant organizations and the general public. As the plumbing industry flagship, SPS has accepted the challenge of helping its Members to focus on both short term and long-term issues.

To start off, it has made amendment of its Constitution to reflect its practical function, its actual representation and its move towards a new direction

It has also made a further move to maintain the standard of plumbing practices through its accreditation of qualified plumbers supported by the regulatory authority and other related professional bodies in the industry.

It has continued to rally and solicit support from its Members to participate in the Society’s activities and its programmes on developing productivity and innovative new work system and establishing better industrial and quality standards for the benefit of all.