Members’ Activities

Present Activities:

  • Provides Quarterly newsletters for its Members.
  • Organizes annual social gatherings for Members including their families.
  • Technical or educational talks for its Members.
  • Provides Members with updates on the plumbing trade and certain technical assistance where the Society has the resources.
  • Communicates to the public on plumbing related matters that are of public interest.
  • Assists Members to promote the competitive services of their trade – in plumbing, sanitary and gas maintenance services and related works.

Brief explanation on the above activities

  • The newsletter has been launched for quite a while in which relevant information, data or news is provided to its Members. A group is usually formed, after each election of office bearers, to undertake to publish an issue every quarterly for distribution to all Members. Exchange of information is possible through this medium.
  • A gathering of Members, friends and family members is often arranged to mark certain special occasions such as Chinese New Year. A friendly Golf Tournament to boost business or other social interactions has been organized for the last consecutive 3 years.

  • External speakers are often invited to deliver talks to our Members. The talks can be of technical or educational nature that is of interest to our Members. With our new objectives, such talks have become more relevant to us. Short and long term courses will also be arranged.
  • With our pool of expertise, the Society is capable of providing technical and engineering advice to our Members. Design aspects of plumbing, quantifying or tendering processes can be provided for its Members at affordable prices.

  • The Society is considering organizing a pool of qualified plumbers who are willing to provide very reasonable and competitive plumbing service for the public. The scheme is being studied for implementation soon. This will be soon be made known to the public.