As part of our efforts to uplift the standards in the plumbing industry, all month long from the 29th of May to the 28th of June, we held our inaugural Singapore Plumbing Society Mentorship Programme!

Throughout this mandatory forty-hour programme, we were able to teach, guide, and equip our aspiring plumbers with the necessary skill sets and industry knowledge—to ensure that they are up to par with the standards of the industry, and so that all jobs carried out are guaranteed to be safe, effective, and efficient.

After vetting through our pool of applicants, those selected were called to attend our course, which was ten sessions in total, and by the end of it, were required to sit for both a written an oral assessment. Only upon passing both assessments, will they be issued a license by PUB!

We’re proud to say that this year’s round turned out to be very fruitful and our plumbers were all very dedicated to learning, and passing the test. We’re glad to have trained only the best quality of plumbers, and we look forward to more of it!