We have moved our website and proudly launch our very own SPS web portal for the local plumbing society.

In collaboration with the National Water Agency, the Public Utilities Board, and the National Trades Union Congress, we have high hopes for our website to be the ultimate go-to and one-stop platform for plumbing services. Through our portal, we’re aiming to professionalise the sector and raise the current industry standards to newer heights

Our website stands on the five key pillars of knowledge, convenience, connectivity, reliability, and better income for all. We hope that as the community grows and more opportunities arise, that we’ll be able to achieve all that we’ve set out for.

On our portal, we’ll have everything you could possibly think of—from job listings to training courses—as we want it to be the central point for all licensed plumbers.

If you’d like to know more about it, check out the CNA’s coverage on it!

We’ve launched our website with the hopes that we’ll be able to create a win-win situation for everyone in Singapore. We’d like to provide more job opportunities for plumbers themselves, all while encouraging them to undergo accreditation and secure their license, and provide better access to consumers to licensed and professional plumbing services!

We hope that, ultimately, it will pave the way to further digitalising and growing the industry as a whole. We want plumbers to only provide the best work, and for clients to only engage with the best to ensure that everyone wins together!